Why Did the Modeling Industry Not Protect Its Teen Models After ‘Bombshell’ Expose of Sexual Abuse?

Wanted: Looking for beautiful American teenagers seeking an exciting, well-paid career as a model in Paris. Must be willing to grant sexual favors in exchange for work.

This wasn’t a real ad for the French modeling agency Karin Models, but for many women who passed through its doors, it might…

We used to take our relative press freedoms and safety for granted. Not anymore

Photo: weerapatkiatdumrong/iStock/Getty Images Plus

It was the third time someone had shot out the windows at our alternative newspaper.

Based in a small university beach town on the California coast, the Santa Cruz Phoenix had apparently enraged some readers, since we came to the office that morning to find our plate glass window blasted…

My high school classmate’s death by sexual assault haunts my memories

Cindy Cohn, in a picture from our 10th-grade high school annual in Atlanta. Photo courtesy of Diana Hembree

By now, you’re probably at least aware of the first public accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Research psychologist Christine Blasey Ford of Palo Alto University told reporters that during a house party in her teens more than 30 years ago, Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge, lured her…

Ditch The Paintball Fights: Here’s a Better Way to Do Team-Building

By Diana Hembree

MoneyGeek and Abuv Media co-CEO Dan Schuessler (third from the left ) and employees in a can-can line

Remember all-hands paintball fights, trust falls, and two-truths-and-a-lie marathons? The trouble with those team-building exercises is that they make introverts run for cover. For a recent all-hands meeting involving MoneyGeek.com and its parent company, Abuv Media…

Diana Hembree

I cover consumer affairs, science, the workplace and fraud.

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